Mr Nagendra Nath Bhattacharyya
S.B.I.S.A Staff Association(Bengal Circle)


In this era, it is very pertinent that an Institution should have its own Web Site. So, in this auspicious moment I congratulate the S.B.I.S.A. Co-Operative society for starting its own web site. This Co-Operative society has its glory in earlier days to serve the members of S.B.I.S.A. since its inception. Actually, in those days when the employees of S.B.I. had no option to take financial assistance in case of urgent and accidental needs from the Bank, this Co-operative society had stood behind them as an angel. Its gravity and necessity may not be realised properly in these days, when plenty of financial help is offered by the Bank to its employees but this Co-Operative society is still serving our members actively in case of sudden needs. It is our duty to do our best for the survival of this old, glorious Co-operative Society at present and in future also.

Mr Siddhartha Khan
General Secretary
S.B.I.S.A Staff Association(Bengal Circle)


This Annual General Meeting of SBI Staff Association Co-operative Society Ltd. has assumed tremendous significance at the backdrop of the recent developments in financial sector in out country. After clandestine passage of Banking Bill in the parliament on 18th December, 2012, the policy of the Government is to privatize the Banking Sector through the path of FDI, disinvestment and giving licenses to the Industrial houses to open Banks and also through several anti-labor reforms including the reforms in Insurances & Pension Sector and to take several measures to curtail the hard-earned trade union rights of the Bank Workers. Under this circumstance, the role of our Association is very important as the time in challenging and the obstacles through before us is the test of our grit. Our Society is catering to the interest of our members very efficiently and effectively under the leadership of the present Management. We have to make our Society more vibrant, strong and profitable by our joint effort with addition of more membership I am happy to note that initiative has been taken by present Management to open a Website for online facilities to be extended to the members and to reach all through this platform. In this era of Technology innovations, I wish the effort all success and only desire the progress and prosperity of the Society in coming days.





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